2020 developments

I’m sorry to have been silent so long. All the work we have initiated in Malawi continues. Our new school blocks were completed long ago.  And for the past year we have concentrated on paying school fees and providing support for the almost 100 bursary students at Mpasa Community Secondary Day School, providing incentive prizes for the children at primary school, and providing books to the Mpasa reading circles. Unfortunately the wonderful English lady I recruited to work for us in Blantyre in June last year became seriously ill and left Malawi for good in December.  She had done 2 follow up reports for us, and had great ideas for taking things forward.  Since then I have had 2 abortive attempts to get to Mpasa to pick up on further projects, stymied by illness, weather, and now of course coronavirus. As soon as I can get there and establish our future programme, you’ll be the first to know! And in the meantime our regular support for schoolchildren will continue.