And for the primary schools.....

The construction of the 3rd block at Mwanazanga has been stalled by a shortage of bricks. I have just heard that 2 businessmen, now in the capital but originally from the Mpasa area, have offered to pay for the rest of the bricks we need. They have also offered help with fees for any children in the district who are clever enough to be selected for national secondary school. This is fantastic news. It's so good to be able to work with local donors in this way. The bricks should be ready for work to recommence by the end of the month.
The 3rd block underway

We have also paid for the construction of a new roof at one of the blocks at Mlirankhunda School, and for the repair of damaged roof tiles on other blocks there, and at Mvunguti. Ideally, they all need new roofs, but it's costly.

Meanwhile, we have been asked if we can build yet another new block, this time at Mlirankhunda.  We are trying hard to improve further the quality of the work we're having done at Mwanazanga which will make our school building programme a little more expensive, but if we can help at Mlirankhunda, of course we will.

And we have agreed to reintroduce the Incentive Scheme we ran last year, to encourage primary school children to attend school regularly and punctually.