News for March

The diary seems full of Malawi related activities.

There are 3 fundraising events planned for April -

  • A presentation to members of an "After Eight Club" in Kent on 11th April

  • A "Commonwealth Big Lunch" at St Mary's Church, North Stoke on 15th April, featuring Malawi as the church's chosen Commonwealth country in the run up to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in London 16-20 April

  • A fund raising concert in Tooting on 21st April, featuring soprano, mezzo soprano and tenor solo voices and nationally renowned accompanist and repetiteur Nicholas Bosworth.
If you are in the vicinity, please do come along. There is more information on the fundraising page.

And I am actively seeking to develop links with schools in the UK. 

I hope to take letters and gifts from a lovely Church of England Primary School in Sussex to the pupils and teachers at Mlirakhunda Primary School in Mpasa when I visit at the end of April. 

I am exploring possible areas for cooperation with a school in London.

We are incredibly grateful for all the wonderful donations - in money, time, interest and support - that so many people have given MSP over the past two years. If we can keep it up, perhaps we will get that Book Bus after all!