This is just how it is

I chanced on this the other day - it's a short video about a UNICEF-backed programme to provide desks for Malawi schoolchildren called KIND - Kids in Need of Desks. It's worth watching the video here. The schools, the conditions, the children, the teachers, are exactly the same as in the Mpasa area: I can almost imagine myself there. And you'll see that KIND is also now focussing on school fees, girls' education and educational resources, just as the Malawi Schools Project is doing.

Like the other main aid organisations, UNICEF is conspicuously absent from the Mpasa area. But I am trying to contact KIND to see if they would supply to the schools down in Mpasa - or whether there are other ways in which we could work together. They have massive resources. It would be wonderful to think that some of them could be directed to the Afrogarden/MSP area.