Second school block formally opened

Well finally they did it! The photo is pretty awful l I'm afraid - I'm having slight technical issues with communications at the moment - but this is our second school block at Mwanazanga Primary School, and it's now finished and in use, just in time for the rainy season. (The first block is alongside to the right). I wasn't in Malawi this time, but I'm delighted to say that the community organised its own opening ceremony on Friday (November 24th), involving the Primary Education Adviser for Mpasa District, the local chiefs, the teachers and head teachers, the school village committee, and of course the children. I was able to send a message of congratulations, which was read out by the chair of the school management committee. And I hope you will be pleased to hear that in it, I said: "The money for the block has come from a number of well wishers here in England, and they too will be so glad to know the work is done."

It was when I visited in December/January 2016/2017 that I decided I had collected enough money to fund a block (each block has 2 classrooms), so between us we have provided 4 classrooms from start to finish in less than a year. I think that's a fantastic result. Thank you all. The school (with over 1200 learners on the roll) now has 10 classrooms.
Mwanazanga Primary School 24 November 2017