School fees for the autumn term

Sorry. I'll get all the updating out of my system and then you can have another quiet spell!

Just to let you know that we have again paid school fees at Mpasa Secondary Day School, this term for 72 children. There has been a significant rise in fees this term. The school hopes to build an assembly room, where school gatherings can be held and where children coming in for the second "sitting" (they take half the school rota in the morning, the other half in the afternoon) can wait and study until classes begin. Raising fees is the only way to achieve it. So our 72 children this term are costing around £415, just under £6 per child. It's still shocking to think that families cannot afford to pay it.

The bursar at Mpasa SDS writing the receipt for MSP's payment of
school fees for the autumn term

More photos of our school blocks

Isn't it wonderful to see what we have achieved? And how much more there is still to do............

Finishing touches to the outside of block 2, 18th October 2017

The interior of one of the classrooms in block 2, on 13th October

And one of the classrooms in block 1, in use on the same day

Second school block nearing completion!

Sorry to have been silent for so long: it's been a busy couple of months. The great news is that our second school block is almost complete. Here it is, on the left, alongside our first block, opened in June. I am told there just remains the painting of the windows and internal finish, and the door. Thank you so much to all who made it possible.
The man in the middle is Dion, the wonderful carpenter, pastor and chair of the school management committee, who has done a huge amount to ensure the work has been done. He also happens to be the very kind father of the family with which I stay in Mpasa.

2 new school blocks funded entirely by the Malawi Schools Project