Incentive scheme awards ceremonies

Well that was an experience! I was able to present the awards for attendance and punctuality for May in all 3 schools on my last visit. There were songs and dances from the children, and speeches from the head teachers, the Primary Education Adviser (who attended all the ceremonies) and me, and finally the presentation of an exercise book and pen to the 10 learners in each standard (year group) who had attended school most regularly and punctually the previous month.

The presentation at Mpasa Primary
Children waiting for the ceremony to start at Chinjika School

The Primary Education Adviser (PEA) addressing the children at Chinjika School,
whilst the exercise books stand ready for distribution

The presentation at Mwanazanga

Altogether, I was able to distribute 480 pens and exercise books. They make a such a difference to the children, and they were clearly delighted and proud to have won them.