The June/July visit

It should be eventful. I've been asked to facilitate a grand opening ceremony for the new school block, with the local MP, senior education officials, and pretty well the whole village as far as I can tell: and to present incentive prizes at the primary schools in front of special gatherings of learners, their teachers and also their parents. If it help to raise the profile of education, that's wonderful.

Wonderful selection of quilters' materials

We will be offering for sale hundreds of 'ready to use' fabrics especially chosen and prepared by an accomplished quilter who is no longer able to pursue her passion and wants desperately for these beautiful fabrics to be used by people who love the craft as much as she does.

Amberley Summer Craft Tea Party 13th August

Teas, crafts, quilters' materials, books, cakes, designer clothes, children's activities
2 o'clock onwards, Sunday 13th August, Amberley Place
Do come along! And see Handicrafts for some of the items we will have on sale.

Grand Wine Draw

Tickets are now available for the Grand Wine Draw. 6 PRIZES each of 6 bottles of personally selected fine wines, with drinking tips and recommendations. The collection includes some